Joining the club

We have tailored memberships to suit all ages, whether you are new to the game or wish to switch clubs we welcome new members, and with our competitive rates across all of our membership categories there’s no better time to join us.

Academy Membership

Membership of the Academy is open to anyone new to the game of golf with a desire to improve their game and to progress to full membership. The initiative is designed to provide new golfers with a comprehensive introduction to the game of golf.

Introductory Membership

With this membership type you are eligible to play Monday to Friday and Saturday and Sunday after 1pm and once you are a full member of the club you will be entitled to the numerous member benefits on offer.

Superb Facilities

More than just an amazing golf course, we have some of the best practice facilities around including a floodlit range perfect for those winter months to work on your game. Our tuition and junior programmes are unrivalled anywhere.

Become a Member

We are a true membership, the club is run for the benefit of the members and is run on a not-for-profit basis so any surplus gained is reinvested in the course, clubhouse and other facilities ensuring you have the very best experience possible.

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Hessle Golf Club Subscriptions For 2017

Membership Type 2017 Subscription Entrance Fee
Full Member 975 325
6 Day Member 895 325
5 Day Member 750 325
Full Member Aged 30 825 325
Full Member Aged 29 715 325
Full Member Aged 28 715 325
Full Member Aged 27 620 325
Full Member Aged 26 620 325
Full Member Aged 25 515 180
Full Member Aged 24 515 180
Full Member Aged 23 450 180
Full Member Aged 22 350 180
Full Member Aged 21 250 125
Full Member Aged 20 250 125
Full Member Aged 19 250 125
Full Member Aged 18 250 125
Full Member Aged 17 140 0
Full Member Aged 16 140 0
Full Member Aged 15 140 0
Full Member Aged 14 90 0
Full Member Aged 13 90 0
Under 13 65 0
Student 245 n/a

The Subscriptions stated above will be pro rata for new members who join throughout the year.

All Under 22's must pay their Subs in full, no discount will apply

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